Toughened Glass Cut to size.

No two customers are the same in the glass industry and to cater for each and every one who uses our services, we can operate and perform to the millimeter a bespoke glass cutting service or as we like to call it glass cut to size.


In most instances the glass can be straight forward cut using a digital cutting table. To achieve a more precise cut or for complex shapes we will put the glass through a CNC cutting machine or Water jet cutting.

The outcome is a great looking glass product finished to the highest quality in the UK.



Why we offer a cut to size service.

  • Low Lead times – Glass is cut and processed a few days before you receive it
  • Limited exposure to movement and warehousing/ shipping thus low chance of damage/ scratching
  • UK processed and Toughened to mee UK standards for safety and toughened glass
  • Limited only by the size of the cutting table Cut shapes available up to 2.5 meters x 6 meters Toughened
  • We can generate CAD designs for you, accept DXF and PDF drawings that are unaltered and go straight to processing


If its both speed and quality you require we are one of the leading glass merchants in the UK offering a top quality service with very modern equipment and minimal amounts of errors.


What we are able to take regarding the size of your glass as an instruction:

  • Paper Drawing
  • Email with dimensions
  • Glass Template design or shape
  • DXF file ( Autocad or similar)
  • PDF files
  • MS Word or Exel Document
  • SKP/ or Sketchup file
  • Telephone conversation!


We are aware that some processing companies won’t process an bespoke cut to size glass order verbally, however we will interpret and autocad a design or drawing for your approval before the glass hits the cutting tables or other processing.

We can offer this service with all float and toughened glass, laminated glass some restrictions apply, toughened laminated we are able to process in most instances.

Stock sheets up to 3 meters in width x 6 meters in length. From 4mm thickness glass to 19mm in thickness,.


For more information Please call the Bath office on 01225667877 or use the telephone number on the contact page.