Toughened Glass Prices

Without question, we are very well known for the prices that we sell our toughened, laminated and regular glass at. Its a very up and down market when dealing with toughened glass. The amount of times we have been questioned about our authenticity as the prices when we go head to head with a local toughened glass merchant are worlds apart. You have every reason to call and carry out due diligence against us. That’s the bit we really enjoy.

As per the calculator we sell the glass at the prices you see on the screen, no more and no less.

Our toughened glass prices vary depending on many factors including raw glass costs, fuel and energy levy’s, transport costs, trade competition, client/ customer discretion and trade prices.

We can honestly say we have actually decreased our prices over the last few years as opposed to most who have driven the price of their glass up. Fortunately it is a case of cheap glass prices = more customers = more glass sold = accelerated buying power!

Our basic per square meter selling prices are current of 26/09/16:

# Cost per square / linear meter
1 4mm toughened glass £20.40
2 6mm toughened glass£35.10
3 8mm toughened glass £48.80
4 10mm toughened glass £60.50
5 12mm toughened glass £82.90
6 15mm toughened glass £call
7 19mm toughened glass £call
8 Cut Glass Shapes add 25%
9 Straight edge Polishing £5 per linear meter




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