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Glass Balustrades and Glass Handrails

At Glass Warehouse, our glass has many uses, a more recent and popular use for it is Glass Balustrades.

The use is not just for the commercial sector any more, interior designers and Architects specify Glass inside and outside the residential home.

Our glass has been purchased and used for many such uses and here are just a few.

  • Juliet Balconies
  • External Platform Blaustrades
  • Staircase (internal and external)
  • Framed and Frameless Balconies
  • Viewing areas
  • Swimming pool enclosures

Our glass has almost a timeless appearance and would be as comfortable in a Victorian or Georgian Property as an Ultra Modern ‘Grand Designs’ home.

As all of the glass we supply is safety glass, its a popular choice for all that buy from us.

Our Glass Balustrades can be found all over the South of England, you have probably seen one or two over the last few years!

We can recommend a Installation team for all balustrading works both for commercial, healthcare, retail and residential concerns. For more information about Balustrades or Associated Items Please call us.

Glass warehouse use 4 types of fixing methods for fitting a glass balustrade for both indoor and out door scenarios our main fitting type is the use of a base rail and adjustable rail clamps.

This option can be fitted either through the side of the base rail or directly through the bottom. The rail itself has holes for fixing at 200mm centers and has cover caps once completely installed that achieve a great looking base rail set up. The hand rail is an option

Baserail ‘with’ Handrail Balustrade


glass balustrade with base rail and hand rail




Baserail ‘without’ Hand rail

Its very similar to the above picture in essence but has the clean unobtrusive lines that interrupt the view. Its more difficult to align the glass from an installation perspective but has not hand rail to be fitted which offsets the time taken to install.


glass balustrade no handrail


Both of the above installations we would recommend at least 17.5mm toughened laminated glass but depending on location of the installation would determine the correct glass specifications.


Stand offs or pig nose type installation


stand off type glass installation


If its the view from the house, then this is a great alternative to the U channel as the fitting is done away from the home side and is not seen. The standoffs are usually made from Stainless steel and are for outdoor use. You will also find us using these on Juliet Balconies and many staircases.


D clamps or Z clamp fittings


glass balustrade with 10mm glass



One of the easier installations to complete as the glass is fitted after the clamps are fixed to the baserails/ handrails. A great option to retro fit to an existing internal staircase or balcony landing area.


Custom Channel

You can obviously have a custom made clamping system.  This scenario is popular where easy fixings are not so readily available and would require the use of steels or ‘L’ channel bolted together. The glass would then be either resin fixed or using a clamping system that Glass Warehouse could supply.


For any more details or wish to see our extensive portfolio of glass balustrades and stairs glass please call the office on 01225 667877